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Flight Cargo


Picking and Delivery Points


Money Transfers

Sending money transfers through our  all network  is fast, safe and secure. We guarantee that your family, friends and business partners will receive their funds in a timely manner with excellent customer service at our locations.

As an expert in world wide shipping, Linkpin understands the needs of all different levels of business and we offer a comprehensive world wide international courier services and delivery solutions including international documents, non-documents, airfreight and import express.

Our shipping service has a deserved reputation for reliability. We meet delivery deadlines, we provide a discreet service of the very highest quality,

And we'll gladly offer comprehensive personal advice before you send your consignment. You can find out more about our company and our wide range of services here.

Flying Gateways

We ensure quality services, regular inbound and outbound consolidation services, including customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution.So our clients can choose if we can do every process until  until we deliver to their doorsteps We do  according client's specific needs, Using our significant experience and knowledge individual plan that ensures the best price point, timeframe, service and outcome


Sea Ports Delivery

  • Our Aims

    We want to  promote excelling total logistics services in Africa and to be the maritime gateway in the Pacific region through facilitating waterborne transport, trade and commerce  
  • Fast and Reliable

    Gateway to world wide as a leading center for logistics and we are internationally recognised for reliable and fast cargo transportation from one continent to another
  • Vehicle Delivery

    Our service continues in the country of destination; we help on customs on your behalf and makes arrangements for the delivery of your vehicle to be delivered to your new home and/or business.  
  • Delivery Check ups

    Linkpin  has the versatility and flexibility to offer a reliable service tailored to your needs , including the ability to check on deliveries of your goods

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